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    Heated Eyelash Curler™

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    Heated Eyelash Curler™


    Heated Eyelash Curler™ 


    Our heated eyelash curler is an upgraded version of traditional eyelash curlers, it can create curls that look more natural and can last for a longer period of time, up to 24 hours.


    Natural looking curls


    It can create curls that look more natural and less dramatic, and with this device, you can maintain an attractive look at social events, dates, and important meetings, without the appearance of tiredness even after a long night.


    Easy to use

    Complete control is provided by a single button. Press and hold the button for 1.5 seconds, wait for it to heat up for 10 to 30 seconds, then clip your lashes for 5 to 10 seconds to achieve the ideal curl.

    No damage to lashes

    When used properly, heated eyelash curlers can curl your lashes without damaging them, unlike traditional eyelash curlers, which may pinch and break lashes.

    Portable and rechargeable

    The hot curler can be quickly recharged using the included USB rapid charging cord. Its compact size makes it portable and ideal for touch-ups on the go.

    It will also turn off automatically after 5 minutes of inactivity.

    Dual temperature modes

    Green light is the low temperature (150 °F) for thin and soft eyelashes; blue light is the high temperature (185 °F) for thick and coarse eyelashes.

    Long lasting curls

    The heat helps set the curl in place, making it last longer than curls created with a traditional eyelash curler.

    A unique gift.

    Why waste time trying to think of the perfect gift for your loved one when we have already done it for you?

    Surprise them with the gift of a Heated Eyelash Curler, something they would have never expected.



    Mode: Two lights modes

    Colors: white and pink

    Output voltage: 3.7 v                                 

    Input voltage: 5 v

    Charging mode: Type-C charger 

     What's Included

        Heated Eyelash curler

        USB Cable - power supply

        Instruction manual- fast and simply set up.



    1. Please make sure the power is sufficient if the eyelash curler is not hot or takes a long time to curl.
    2. It's possible that the photo doesn't accurately depict the item's color because of the various displays and lighting conditions.