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    Do you wonder how you would look with your nips pierced?

    Now you can get the preview without any pain in the comfort of your own home!

    Our magnetic "piercings" are easy to use and not a body-altering decision.

    You can use them every day or just for those special occasions because they are reusable.


    Get nip piercing preview without any pain

    Our magnetic piercings are easy to use because you just place them on your nip and the magnets do the rest. They hold firmly in place, so you can get a realistic preview of your new look.

    Magnetic attraction

    Place them on and amaze them all. They're comfortable for everyday use because the magnets hold together with just the right amount of pressure.


    Introducing you the ClipMyNip benefits

    ✔️ Looks amazing

    ✔️ Non-permanent
    ✔️ Zero recovery time

    ✔️ Zero risk of infection
    ✔️ 100% Painless


    Get the look without the hook

    The look you desire without the painful piercing process and healing time all in the comfort of your own home.